Lagana Healthcare Consulting (LHC)was originally founded in 2003 as an umbrella for the advocacy work Dr. Kathleen Lagana began as a graduate student at University of California San Francisco. There was ample evidence in the 1980s that perinatal nurses lacked the tools or working environment for intervening in the best interest of childbearing women and their unborn infants. As part of a graduate bioethics course at UCSF, Dr. Lagana collaboratively developed the March of Dimes monogram, Ethical  Decision Making for Perinatal and Neonatal Nurses: Facing Contemporary Challenges (Laganá, K. & Duderstadt, K.,2004).

While continuing to serve as a perinatal bedside nurse and as a university-based nurse educator, she was invited to March of Dimes chapters across the county, presenting simple teaching models for nursing ethics, with the goal of helping nurses to find their voices as patient advocates. Today she is  frequently asked to assist healthcare systems and patients to understand and respond to unanticipated birth outcomes.

To further the educational component of LHC, Dr. Lagana partnered with three other perinatal nurses, including current LHC consulting associate Darla Maier to found Pacific Perinatal Group LLC (PPG): A Consortium for Perinatal Education and Consultation. PPG successfully offered multidisciplinary continuing education to docs, nurses, and midwives for five years.

In 2019, LHC obtained the PPG brand and continues to offer cutting edge conversations about the lives of perinatal providers and their patients. Today, LHC works with a team of administrative and consulting associates with broad experience in women and infants healthcare, nursing education, and legal consulting including but not limited to: antenatal, labor & delivery, obstetrical surgery, postpartum, maternal co-morbidities, neonatal, NICU, breast feeding, healthcare administration, policy and procedure development, patient safety, ethics, genetics, and much more. Our consultants are available to assist you.