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Women's and Infant's Healthcare Forum with Dr. Casey Means MD

920 SW 6th Avenue, The Power + Light Building 12th Floor, Portland, Oregon 97204

Functional Medicine:

The Precision Medicine Approach For Women to Heal and Thrive

Program Description:

Dr. Casey Means, MD is a Functional Medicine physician. In this presentation Dr. Means will discuss Functional Medicine as a philosophical approach that understands that all symptoms and diseases are manifestations of biologic dysfunction which must be corrected in order to prevent, heal, and reverse disease.


During this talk the attendees will learn:

  • What is Functional Medicine and how is it different than conventional medical practice: Root-cause ‘“health-care” versus reactionary “sick-care”;

  • Overview of disparities in how women are treated in conventional medical practice;

  • Overview of “old thinking” versus “new thinking” regarding complexity of women’s health;

  • How a Functional Medicine approach can mitigate limitations of women’s healthcare in current system;

  • Functional Medicine approach to common women’s health concerns: PMS, PCOS, and “brain fog”.


Dr. Casey Means MD is a Functional Medicine physician licensed in Oregon. Her healthcare approach is investigative and takes the guesswork out of medicine. By doing extensive history taking and advanced lab testing, she empowers patients to identify the root causes of dysfunction in the body that lead to disease and symptoms. Her treatments include precision interventions focusing on the foundational elements of health: diet, micronutrient support, gut-health, physical activity, sleep hygiene, and stress resilience. Dr. Means received her undergraduate and medical degrees with honors from Stanford University. She practiced in the field of Head & Neck Surgery prior to transitioning her practice to Functional Medicine. You can find more about her practice and contact her at or on Instagram @drcaseyskitchen.